CNN's Dana Bash visibly disgusted by Trump's 'tone deaf' defense of abuser


Trump gets called out for once again riding to the side of abusers and ignoring their victims.

Denouncing Donald Trump's refusal to even acknowledge the women who say they have been beaten by a former top White House staffer, CNN's Dana Bash condemned Trum's callous comments as "outrageous," "tone deaf," and "sad."

"The fact that he didn't mention one word, one syllable, about those two women ... who are talking in great detail about abuse —physical, verbal abuse — is outrageous," said Bash. "I'm sorry, it just is. It just is."

She was hardly alone in calling out Trump's offensive, one-sided comments Friday, where he offered only praise to Rob Porter, who was forced out of the White House this week after his two ex-wives accused him of verbally and physically abusing them.

Photos also emerged showing bruises that Porter had inflicted.

Yet Trump, in a brief, staged encounter with reporters, refused to acknowledge the victims and instead expressed his sympathies toward Porter who's "very sad now."

"It's tone deaf to the times," said Bash. "It is tone deaf to this situation." Stressing that we've seen the photographs and have heard directly from the women involved detailing the abuse, "To not even have a nod to that, and instead just profusely, effusively praise the work that Porter did, is sad."

"It's outrageous," CNN's David Gregory agreed. "It's part of a pattern about how this White House, and how Republicans rallying around this president, have come to the aid of anyone accused of sexual misconduct and abuse, and not thought about those on the other end of it."