Thursday, October 22, 2020


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True Blue Media is a for-profit media company that relies on ad revenue, charitable donations, and investors, including The American Bridge 21st Century Foundation, a 501(c)4 research organization. The American Bridge 21st Century Foundation was founded by David Brock with the mission to compare and contrast progressive and conservative solutions to America's public policy concerns and to educate the American people and the nation's leaders on the results of that research. It does not have any input on The American Independent's editorial decisions.



Kaili Joy Gray

Executive Editor

Long-time progressive editor and writer and fierce feminist. Formerly Planned Parenthood, Wonkette, and Daily Kos. Follow her on Twitter @KailiJoy

Melanie Schmitz

Managing Editor

Journalist, former senior politics editor at ThinkProgress. Follow her on Twitter: @MelsLien.

Cortney Rock

Senior Editor

Senior Editor. Formerly with PPFA and publications including the Los Angeles Times Magazine and Ms.

Karen Freund


Former copy editor at Daily Kos. Russian translator, lifelong progressive and feminist.


Oliver Willis

Senior Writer

Former research fellow at Media Matters for America who has been blogging about politics since 2001. Follow him on Twitter @owillis.

Emily C. Singer

Senior Writer

Emily C. Singer is a political reporter based in New York. She's covered campaigns and elections for years, including at Roll Call, Mashable and Mic. Follow her on Twitter @CahnEmily.

Josh Israel

Senior Writer

Former senior investigative reporter at ThinkProgress and former head of money-in-politics reporting at the Center for Public Integrity. Follow him on Twitter @jeisrael.

Donna Provencher

Political Reporter

Feminist, journalist, consent education and mental health advocate. Former interim letters editor/editorialist at the San Antonio Express-News and staff writer for the Watertown Daily Times and Kerrville Daily Times. Follow her on Twitter @DonnaProvencher.

Amy Lieu

Political Reporter

Experienced journalist. Political news junkie. Dog lover. Creator of #AmyLieuPresents, empowering women with an Asian American perspective. Bylines in KPCC (L.A. NPR affiliate), KCETLink-TV (PBS SoCal), NBC News Asian America, Fox News. Follow her on Twitter @amylieumedia.

Casey Quinlan

LGBTQ Reporter

Casey Quinlan is the LGBTQ reporter at The American Independent. They previously worked for ThinkProgress as a gender and sexuality policy reporter. Casey has freelanced for publications such as Rewire News, New Republic, Teen Vogue, In These Times, Glamour, Bustle, Vox, SCOTUSblog, and Supermajority News.

Erin Reed

Digital Director

Founder of Benchmark Politics, the top election forecaster for the 2016 primaries. Follow her on Twitter @benchmarkpol.


Josh Nerpel

Director of Outreach

Former executive director of OneVoice. Advance for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Nuri Aydogan

Nurettin Aydogan

IT Coordinator

IT professional, technician and software developer.