163 House Republicans are officially fine with holding paychecks hostage


The GOP loves shutdowns, and they just proved it with their vote.

On Wednesday, 163 Republicans made it very clear that they believe shutdowns of the federal government are good. Led by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Republicans threw their lot in with Trump's unpopular attack on federal workers.

The congressional resolution acknowledged that "Government shutdowns are detrimental to the Nation and should not occur."

The language of the resolution reflected the opinion of the overwhelming majority of Americans, who consistently opposed the shutdown.

Still, 163 Republicans voted to oppose it, indicating they believe shutdowns aren't detrimental and that they should occur.

Out of all the votes cast, not a single Democrat in the House voted against the resolution. Only 21 out of 184 Republicans who voted agreed with the resolution. The overall measure passed, 249 to 163.

With their votes, Republicans sided with the chaotic disruption of American lives that left thousands of families on the precipice: Because of Trump's obsession with a useless border wall, 800,000 federal workers went unpaid as the Christmas holiday season began.

Americans blamed Trump, not Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her fellow Democrats, for the shutdown, and the blame was on their shoulders throughout the ordeal, the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.

Republicans refused to break ranks with Trump and fund the government until he finally knuckled under to Speaker Pelosi.

Their vote in favor of his horrible decision, even though Americans opposed it, demonstrates Republican loyalty to Trump at the expense of the American public.

Republicans in Congress back Trump all the way, even as he marches them off a cliff.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.