Conservative journalist nails Republican party for abandoning law and order


"If you are anti-Russia, if you are pro-law enforcement, if you are pro-rule of law, the Republican Party is not the place for you."

The Republican Party has gone all-in on attacking law enforcement now that supporting the FBI would be detrimental to the GOP's political stances and future.

And that glaring, unpatriotic hypocrisy was called out in no uncertain terms by someone who left the party after too many of its members "lost their minds."

Jennifer Rubin, a long-time conservative journalist, told MSNBC's Joy Reid that a recent poll showing 47 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable opinion of the FBI, alongside other similar polls, "is why I left the Republican Party."


"If you are anti-Russia, if you are pro-law enforcement, if you are pro-rule of law, the Republican Party is not the place for you," she continued.

"They've lost their minds."

Polls like this, along with others showing a sudden affinity toward Russia and Vladimir Putin among Republicans, "suggest that Donald Trump really has sort of brainwashed — together with Fox — brainwashed public opinion," Rubin noted sharply.

She also pointed out how "bizarre" it is to think that the FBI would have held any preference for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign, considering the fact that former FBI Director James Comey's baffling decision to send a letter to Congress seemingly reopening the probe into Clinton's email server just 11 days before the election was one of the biggest factors in Trump's Electoral College victory.

"It really is black is white, white is black with these people," Rubin declared, adding that she is "both saddened but resigned [that] there's about 30 percent of the American people who would, at this point, believe anything."

"And I think it's incumbent upon the rest of us to be sane and critical and analytical, and defend those institutions that need defending."

The Republican Party has touted itself as the "law and order" party since time immemorial. Donald Trump himself claimed to be the "law and order candidate" during the campaign.

But his own actions, and the abject willingness of much of the GOP to go along with them, prove just how hollow such self-serving statements have become.

Attacking and smearing the men and women of the FBI for doing their jobs and defending the nation against threats to our democracy — from both outside and within our borders — shows not an appreciation for law and order, but rather a reckless belief that the GOP is in fact above the law.

But they are no such thing, and stubbornly insisting on it will do nothing to dissuade special counsel Robert Mueller from making sure they know it.