'Cool story, bro. You still shill for a sexual predator.' Shareblue Media exec nails the GOP


As Shareblue Media's Jess McIntosh made crystal clear, the denouncements of Roy Moore from Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan ring pretty hollow so long as they continue to support the sexual predator in the White House.

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell managed to unearth their consciences long enough to offer repudiations of Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore.

But neither of the two ostensible party leaders have seen fit to deliver similar denouncement regarding Donald Trump, whose long history of sexual harassment and predation is not just well-known — it's admitted to by the man himself.

As Shareblue Media's Executive Editor Jess McIntosh noted on MSNBC Tuesday, shunning Moore while supporting Trump isn't going to fly.

"Cool story, bro. You still shill for a sexual predator," McIntosh noted bitingly.

And as she pointed out, believing the women who have accused Trump of sexual abuse is a moot point, "because the president admitted it himself."

And all the severed funding agreements with Moore can't make up for the persistent support of Trump.

"As long as they continue to prop up that kind of a man as the leader of their party, women aren't going to buy it, at all. Full stop."

It's sad, but it's pretty rich to see the entire Republican party come out and start to denounce this kind of behavior. We're hearing from Mitch McConnell, from Paul Ryan, that this behavior is appalling and they believe these women, and it's like — cool story, bro. You still shill for a sexual predator.

Donald Trump has been accused by 17 different women, and you don't even have to believe them, because the president admitted it himself. So it's fantastic that the committees are severing their funding agreements and everybody seems to understand now that this is a problem. But as long as they continue to prop up that kind of a man as the leader of their party, women aren't going to buy it at all. Full stop.

The allegations against Moore of pedophilia and repulsive predation on teen girls when he was in his 30s are thoroughly repugnant, and indeed leaders like McConnell and Ryan were right to eventually come out to denounce Moore and to call for him to drop out of his race.

But the self-professed sexual misconduct by Trump is equally demanding of such repudiation, if McConnell and Ryan truly do care about victims of abuse and abhor those who commit such acts.

Yet both men were happy to support Trump as their party's nominee, and to stand by his side ever since the election. And certainly neither of them has called for, or will ever call for, Trump to be removed from office over his despicable behavior.

After all, they want to get those tax cuts for their billionaire friends.