Corporate media wildly misinterpret Trump's tweets on ethics change — to his favor


Over and over, the corporate media have given President-elect Donald Trump favorable headlines where he does not deserve them. This morning, they have done it again, trumpeting his supposed criticism of Congressional Republicans' change of ethics rules, despite the fact he merely criticized the timing.

After House Republicans voted to gut the independent Office of Congressional Ethics, which investigates ethics and criminal complaints against lawmakers, President-elect Donald Trump tweeted:

Though it was spread across two tweets, Trump's statement is clear: He agrees the Office of Congressional Ethics is "unfair," and thus does not condemn House Republicans for severely limiting its authority. His concern is only the timing of this breathtaking subversion.

There are things that are more important, he argues. But he does not say that the weakening of the OCE was itself wrong.

But you would not know that if you read the coverage from virtually every major political news outlet.

There were a few notable exceptions:

Trump is once again getting the headlines he wants, and not the headlines he deserves — that is, headlines which reflect anything resembling the truth.

The bitter irony is that this is coverage of a story about Congressional Republicans weakening ethics accountability just as the aggressively unethical Trump is about to be inaugurated. In one fell swoop, we see that Congress will not provide checks and balance on a Trump presidency, and neither will the press.

Which could not work out better for Trump, nor worse for us.