Crushing letdown for Clinton opponents as promised WikiLeaks bombshell is an epic bust


Month after month, Hillary Clinton's detractors have waited with breathless anticipation for a promised campaign-ending revelation from WikiLeaks. The big day finally arrived ... and it was a letdown of major proportions.

Hillary Clinton's opponents have been salivating for months over a promised WikiLeaks revelation that would end her career. October 3rd was touted as the day of the big announcement, prompting Donald Trump's sleaze-merchant-in-chief, Roger Stone to make this prediction:

Stone's laughable tweet was the culmination of months of similar pronouncements from Clinton's most adamant detractors. But it didn't turn out the way they had hoped.

Overnight, the hashtag #OctoberSurprise began trending as Clinton bashers waited for the big moment. In the wee hours of the morning, the tables turned.

Much to the dismay of Clinton's detractors, the only October surprise so far is the revelation about Trump's staggering tax write-off.