Vulnerable GOP lawmaker calls Jim Jordan 'one of the most ethical guys'


Virginia Rep. Dave Brat is all too willing to help Republicans defend Rep. Jim Jordan even as the number of athletes coming out against Jordan grows.

The allegations that Republican Rep. Jim Jordan turned a blind eye to sexual abuse as a wrestling coach at Ohio State University continue to mount. But, just like Trump, House Republicans refuse to do the honorable thing and hold him accountable.

On Tuesday night, Jordan's fellow members of the far-right House Freedom Caucus officially voted to support him. One member who agreed was two-term Virginia Rep. Dave Brat.

"Sure, Jim's one of the most ethical guys up here," said Brat on Tuesday when asked if Jordan has his full support, according to CNN. "Just waiting for all the information to come in. I think you'll see, it will be good."

Before news arose that Jordan may have helped to cover up serial sexual abuse, he was hardly known as the embodiment of honesty. Still, in an interview with WMAL in April, Brat referred to Jordan as his "mentor."

Brat chose to defend the integrity of a man who hired a PR firm just to defend against nine former athletes and counting, including one who says Jordan "snickered" when told the team doctor had fondled him. Contrary to Jordan's dismissal, these allegations are not just about "conversations in a locker room."

Brat is a reliable GOP firebrand. He even compared constituents protesting health care repeal to white supremacists.

But this year, he finds himself in electoral jeopardy. Virginia's 7th Congressional District, which includes the suburbs of Richmond, is rated one of the most competitive elections in the state. He faces a strong Democratic challenger in Abigail Spanberger, a former CIA operative running on health care protection, campaign finance reform, fair elections, and civil rights.

Brat could come to sorely regret his partisan dismissal of serious misconduct allegations.