David Duke swoons over Trump presser: 'We understand. We realize.'


Donald Trump's press conference performance may have confounded and offended many Americans, but he appears to have mightily impressed two segments of his core support: Ku Klux Klan icon David Duke and Russian state television station RT America.

As Shareblue reported, prominent Ku Klux Klan alum David Duke tweeted his approval of Donald Trump's bizarre and troubling press conference, at which Trump attacked and harassed Jewish reporter Jake Turx and Black journalist April Ryan.

And on his radio program the morning after the press event, Duke had even more to say about Trump's treatment of those two reporters, as well as numerous anti-Semitic comments on the "Jewish Deep State" and supposed Jewish control of the United States media.

He opened his show by proclaiming that Trump's presser had ushered in "a new political day," and specifically described the interaction with Turx:

...a new political day is dawning for this country. I hope those of you who have not seen it will pull it up on the Internet, go watch the Donald Trump press conference of a couple days ago. Amazing, folks! I don't think I ever, I don't think ever in my life I thought that I'd see a president calling out the press, berating them, totally taking command of this press conference, basically telling them to "shut up," telling them what fake news they are. As we all know, the United States media is an enemy of the great majority of the American people, it is totally part of the Jewish Deep State.

Trump often deflects charges (even imaginary ones) that he coddles and encourages white supremacists by mentioning Jewish friends and relatives, but somehow, Duke still gets the message, and decodes it for his listeners:

And Donald Trump is not saying anything openly about Jews, but what he's doing is he's talking about the instruments, the controlled establishment by the Jews. And that's why the Jews, as an entity, as a group, and again, there's some Jewish dissidents, obviously, but overwhelmingly the Jewish establishment hates Trump, and they want to destroy Trump, and he's calling them out, folks. It's a great day.

Duke even went so far as to suggest that his supporters send postcards to the White House, professing love for Trump, and telling to watch out for you-know-who:

...I suggest all of you, every one of you listening right now, wherever you are, and you could be even overseas, that makes even more power to have someone from overseas writing the White House, send them a postcard — and a postcard, because that's going to be read by the people opening the mail, that's going to be read by the assistants to Donald Trump, right? And say, 'We love Donald Trump, and we understand. We realize.' And say, 'We love Donald Trump. And Donald Trump, watch your back! The Jewish supremacists, the Jewish racists, the Jewish Zionists are trying to destroy you. Please! Watch your back. Bring us truly America First again, and take out this Jewish Deep State that runs America.'

Trump also appears to have achieved crossover appeal with both Duke and Russian state television station RT America, as evidenced by this retweet:

And then there was this disturbing bit of information:

Trump was given a golden opportunity to repudiate the racist white supremacists who commit acts in his name, when Turx simply asked him for a plan to fight anti-Semitism, taking great pains to shield Trump from blame. Trump knew that Turx was on his side — the reporter tweeted photographs of himself speaking to Trump twice the day before, and Trump had said he was looking for a "friendly" reporter before calling on Turx.

Instead, Trump attacked him viciously, and instead of forming some sort of response that might have offended the likes of David Duke, Trump used the occasion to essentially deny the problem, while attacking Turx for even bringing it up.

And it seems that Duke, and thus many more of Trump's white supremacist followers, got the message loud and clear.