Teen survivor to NRA lapdog Republicans: Rip off your shock collar


"Our politicians are cowards."

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students returned to class Wednesday for the first time since the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, but still found time to school Trump and the Republicans.

On CNN's "New Day," survivor-turned-activist David Hogg told co-host Alisyn Camerota that political inaction since the shooting made him feel less safe about returning to school.

"How are you getting the strength to go in today?" Camerota asked.

"I have to because our politicians are cowards, and they won't even gather the strength to stand up to the NRA," Hogg replied. "Like Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, or Donald Trump, where they won't stand up to the NRA and say 'You don't own me anymore,' and they rip off their shock collar."

"At this point, our politicians are like really stupid sharks that think that they have power, but honestly don't," Hogg said.

Students like Hogg and Emma Gonzalez have made a huge difference in the wake of this latest gun massacre by speaking out with power and brilliance, inspiring massive resistance to gun violence, and sending companies fleeing from partnerships with the NRA.

The Republican playbook following mass shootings has long been to wait out public pressure, then do nothing. But this time, things are different. Public support for gun control is overwhelming — including among Republican voters — and this group of survivors is keeping the pressure on. Not only will they outlive these politicians, they will outlast their cowardly waiting game.