GOP nominee uses synagogue shooting to attack his opponent


Republican nominee David Wolkinson shamelessly used the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue to sow division and attack his opponent.

After 11 members of a Pittsburgh synagogue were brutally murdered on Saturday morning, most of the nation sought healing and unity in the wake of such a horrific tragedy.

But David Wolkinson, a Trump-supporting Republican running for an open state House seat in Michigan, used the deaths as an excuse to attack his opponent and call her names.

In response to the shooting, Democratic nominee Mari Manoogian posted an expression of sympathy and unity on her Facebook page.

"I am heartbroken, and I stand with the Jewish community across our country and in my district as we mourn the lives taken in this senseless act of gun violence," Manoogian said. She continued:

In 10 days our community and country have the opportunity to elect individuals who will stand up to bigotry, anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia, and who will prioritize legislation to keep our communities safe from gun violence. Today's horrendous events are a clear reminder of why I was called to service; to be a strong voice for the rights, safety and best interests of our community. Let us mourn, but let's also build a bright future in memory of those lost today.

These are the words of a person rejecting the divisive nature of the attack, and seeking to unite a community in the wake of tragedy.

But on a day when much of the country was still in mourning, Wolkinson took a page from Trump's political playbook to attack a political opponent rather than seek to unify the community.

"My anger was only exacerbated when I heard that my opponent called this a 'senseless act of gun violence...(which reminded her of being) called to service,'" Wolkinson wrote.

He then endorsed the notion that people should arm themselves when going to houses of worship, ending his screed with childish name-calling: "#SCARIMARI"

Instead of attacking bigotry and racism and xenophobia, Wolkinson spent his energy attacking his political opponent and promoting guns.

Instead of expressing a desire to build a brighter future, Wolkinson focused on tearing down someone he disagrees with.

At a time when leaders at every level should be working toward healing and unity, one candidate rose to the occasion. The other dove into the muck, using a tragedy as an opportunity to attack.