DC mayor: Trump's July 4 'salute' wiped out fund meant to defend capital from terrorists


Trump's 4th of July event hurt Washington, D.C.'s, ability to defend itself against terrorism.

Trump's "salute" to himself on Independence Day bankrupted Washington, D.C.'s fund used to protect the city from terrorist threats, Mayor Muriel Bowser revealed on Tuesday.

The mayor sent a letter to Trump noting that Trump's changes to the traditional Fourth of July celebration cost the city government $1.7 million, which depleted the reserves of the special fund.

"We ask for your help with ensuring the residents of the District of Columbia are not asked to cover millions of dollars of federal expenses and are able to maintain our high standards of protection for federal events," Bowser said.

Bowser also noted in her letter that the account still has not been paid back the $7.3 million in expenses it was owed for Trump's poorly attended 2017 inauguration.

Because of D.C.'s unique role as the capital of the United States, the fund is filled with federal dollars that are used to protect the city from terrorism, as well as provide security at events like the inauguration and visits from foreign dignitaries, and to police rallies that regularly come to the area.

The Washington Post reported that Chris Rodriguez, director of the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, told them that costs for the Independence Day events were six times as much as they were in the past.

Trump added the "Salute to America" to the event, forcing the Pentagon to spend at least $1.2 million to haul in tanks to be put on display, along with a military flyover. Other government agencies like the Department of Interior incurred extra costs.

The entire wasteful enterprise triggered three Democratic senators to request an investigation from the Government Accountability Office into how tax dollars were used for Trump's ego.

Trump's event cost taxpayers millions and has negatively impacted the security of one of the biggest terrorist targets in the world: Washington, D.C.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.