Vulnerable GOP senator gets Trump blessing, echoing accused pedophile


Dean Heller, who is one of the most vulnerable Republican senators up for re-election in 2018, received a direct public blessing from Trump. One of the last Senate candidates to get a similar blessing was failed nominee and accused pedophile Roy Moore.

Trump held a campaign event with vulnerable Republican Senator Dean Heller on Saturday and hailed him for being "with me all the way."

The comments came as Trump spoke before the Nevada Republican Party's 2018 state convention. Congratulating Heller's victory in the Republican primary, Trump said he would do "a tremendous job" and "is going to be a continuation of a great senator."

"He's been with me all the way, once we got elected – I must tell you, he was a little bit shaky at the beginning but that was when there was a lot of people running but once we got in there he's been rock solid and he's been great and he's going to do a job," Trump continued.

Referring to passage of the tax scam package that cut taxes for multi-millionaires and billionaires, Trump said "nobody fought harder to cut taxes than Dean Heller."

Heller's seat has been a top target for Democrats, especially since Hillary Clinton won the state in 2016. Ratings from political observers have said the seat is a toss-up, despite Heller holding the seat for over 8 years.

He has expressed his support for unpopular ideas like repealing Obamacare and has ducked responsibility on key issues like gun safety.

Trump's vocal support is no guarantee of success. One of the last Republican Senate candidates to receive the type of open support from Trump that Heller has now received was accused pedophile Roy Moore.

After getting Trump's blessing and the backing of top Republicans, Moore proceeded to lose a Senate election in Alabama, where Trump easily won in the presidential race.

Heller and Trump are now inextricably joined at the hip, turning his race into even more of a referendum on the Trump presidency.

In Nevada, Trump has gone from +17 percent popularity in January of 2017 to -2 in May of this year.

He cannot wash his hands of Trump — especially after this weekend's public display of affection.