Democratic congressman says Capitol attackers somehow knew how to find his office


'They found where I was supposed to be ... something else is going on untoward here,' said Rep. James Clyburn.

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) said on Friday that the pro-Trump mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday somehow knew the undisclosed location of the office where he conducts the majority of his business.

Clyburn said the mob also proceeded to harass his staffers once inside.

Discussing the attack with Sirius XM's Joe Madison, Clyburn noted the death of Capitol police in the insurrection and said that "somebody should be tried for that death."

The congressman said the attackers took photos while they ran through congressional offices and suggested that "something else was going on there" because they bypassed the office with his name on the outside and went straight to the office where he does "most" of his work.

"They found where I was supposed to be," said Clyburn, "So something else is going on untoward here. So we need to have an extensive investigation to find out."

Steven Sund, chief of the Capitol Police, has since resigned following widespread criticism of security failures during the attack, as have the sergeants-at-arms of the House and Senate.

One of the people who broke into the building notably told the New York Times they had asked Capitol Police for the location of Sen. Chuck Schumer's (D-NY) office and that he gave them directions.

It's unclear whether the individuals that got inside Clyburn's office were given instructions on how to find it by someone at the Capitol that day.

From the Jan. 8 edition of SiriusXM's "Joe Madison The Black Eagle":

JAMES CLYBURN: We've got to indict, we've got to convict these people because a — one of those Capitol Police [officers] died and somebody should be tried for that death. And I think that all those people who were on those grounds the other day were complicit in that.


They post pictures ransacking Nancy Pelosi's office. They—and something else was going on there, Joe. My office, if you don't know where it is —




CLYBURN: — you ain't going to find it by accident.




CLYBURN: And the one place where my name is on a door, that office is right on Statuary Hall. They didn't touch that door. But they went into that other place where I do most of my work, they showed up up there. Harassing my staff. How did they know to go there?


MADISON: You're right.


CLYBURN: How they didn't go where my name was? Then where you won't find my name, but they found where I was supposed to be. So something else is going on untoward here. So we need to have an extensive investigation to find out.

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