Watch: Democrats pay tribute to civil rights icon John Lewis at convention


The Democrats offered a stirring testimonial to the late Rep. John Lewis.

For the final night of the Democratic National Convention, the Democrats offered a tribute to the late civil rights icon John Lewis. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms spoke movingly of Lewis' commitment to voting, and how the baton once carried by Lewis "has now been passed to each of us." She went on:

Congressman Lewis would not be silenced and neither can we. We must be the heroes of our generations because we too are America. Our votes can be our voice.

In his eulogy for Lewis earlier this year, former President Barack Obama laid out the voting reforms that the congressman had fought for and the Democrats continue to fight for: automatic voter registration, re-enfranchisement of those who have completed their prison sentences, expansion of voter access by making Election Day a national holiday, and ending gerrymandering.

Watch the tribute to John Lewis:

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