Democrats are much more excited to vote Trump out than Republicans are to keep him


Polling shows Democratic enthusiasm for 2020 is higher than the past three presidential elections.

The presidential election is more than a year away, but Democratic voters are motivated to head to the polls and dump Trump, according to a CNN poll released Monday.

Almost half, or 47%, of Democratic voters are "extremely enthusiastic" about the 2020 elections — higher than the 40% of Republicans that report the same level of enthusiasm, according to CNN's poll.

In fact, the enthusiasm levels for voters of both parties are the highest they've been in the last three election cycles — though Democrats report being more enthusiastic than Republicans.

Overall, 74% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning independent voters are either extremely enthusiastic or very enthusiastic about voting in 2020. That's higher than the 72% of Republicans who say the same, according to CNN's poll.

Enthusiasm is an important measurement ahead of an election.

In 2018, when Democrats rode a wave to retake the House for the first time in nearly a decade, Democrats reported being more enthusiastic about voting than Republicans.

Part of the reason why Democrats are so excited about voting in 2020 is, you guessed it, to evict Trump from the White House.

According to CNN's poll, 61% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents want a Democratic nominee who can beat Trump.

And it's no wonder why.

The news that comes from Trump and his administration somehow finds a way to get worse and worse each day.

From Trump's bizarre and unhinged behavior, to his repulsive treatment of immigrants seeking a better life in the United States, the steady stream of bad news he subjects the country to is taking its toll.

So, while the election is more than a year away, and Democrats have yet to pick a nominee, it's a promising sign for Democrats that their base of voters is more enthusiastic than the GOP about voting in November 2020.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.