Local chef flips GOP Connecticut seat in second election win of the night


Philip Young is the 39th Democrat since Trump took office to flip a state legislative seat blue.

On Tuesday night, Democrats delivered two decisive victories at the state level. First, they took a seat in New Hampshire's Belknap County House District 3. Then, Democrat Philip Young won a second seat in Connecticut.

Young, a former town councilman and local chef, defeated GOP candidate Bill Cabral, a former school board chairman, in the special election for Connecticut State House Distruct 120.

Young ran on a platform of increased school funding, environmental protection, and above all, solving the opioid crisis.


"I had one of my cooks and one of my dishwashers OD and die," Young told the Connecticut Post. "When it comes that close to you, you realize that it's something that you have to do something about."

This district, southwest of New Haven, always afforded Democrats good odds. Hillary Clinton won it by 2 points in 2016.

Nevertheless, the seat had been represented by Republican Laura Hoydick, who resigned to take over as mayor of Stratford.

Connecticut has held three other special elections since the beginning of Trump's term. Democrats won two out of three, preserving control of the state senate.

But this win marks the first red-to-blue flip in the Constitution State — and the 39th state legislative seat to flip blue under Trump.

Democrats can feel proud of their results tonight. They are now that much closer to regaining a strong footing in the state legislatures, and the power to stop the Trump agenda.