Democrats win shock victory in Missouri district Trump carried by 28 points


Mike Revis is the latest Democrat to flip a red seat to blue deep in Trump territory.

Democrats have been walloping Republicans across the country in recent special elections. And if the GOP thought new polls indicated Democrats were losing their competitive streak heading into 2018, they were dead wrong.

On Tuesday night, Missouri held four special elections for state house districts, and Democrats snagged a win few analysts expected them to have a shot at: House District 97.

This seat, in the southwestern suburbs of St. Louis, was vacated by GOP state Rep. John McCaherty, who resigned to run for Jefferson County Executive.

It was never thought to be competitive because Trump carried the district 61 to 33 in 2016. And yet Democrat Mike Revis proved that wrong.

What made the win even more amazing is that Revis ran on an unabashedly progressive platform.

He called on the state to stop "robbing our public schools of public tax dollars to give money to private for-profit" schools and called the state’s anti-union "right-to-work" proposal "a 60-year-old bad idea, pushed by big corporations to lower wages."

His Republican opponent, David Linton, ran mainly on a right-wing platform opposing abortion and gun laws.

This 31-point Democratic swing is a huge testament to the continued strength and enthusiasm of the resistance.

Missouri voters sent Trump and the GOP a message: The GOP's hateful agenda has created a whole new electoral map.