Constituent rips Nunes for spending 'absolute fortune' attacking press


Voters in Devin Nunes' district see right through him.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) got an earful from a constituent who wrote to the congressman's hometown paper to blast Nunes for wasting money and energy attacking the press instead of serving his constituents.

Francis Horan of Fresno wrote to the Fresno Bee after receiving the bizarre magazine-style campaign mailer that Nunes began sent out a few weeks ago.

Horan wrote that she was surprised to get the mailer, which she described as "a rambling, 40-page propaganda magazine paid for by the Devin Nunes Campaign Committee," the vast majority of which consisted of complaints that are "completely false, misunderstandings of how journalism works, or anger at legal First Amendment actions by private citizens."

The Nunes campaign mailer labeled the Fresno Bee — the paper that supported Nunes for 16 years before it endorsed his opponent this year — a "propaganda machine," and took issue with the paper for such offenses as reporting on residents protesting at Nunes' office, writing stories about the winery that Nunes co-owns and uses to pass himself off as a "farmer," and other examples of basic journalism.

"Nunes must have spent an absolute fortune" on the mailer, Horan continued, adding "I just wish that Nunes instead chose to spend more effort to actually understand the issues that matter to his constituents."

But Nunes showed he has no interest in those issues in the very pages of that mailer. The Nunes "magazine" also attacked a group local faith leaders, who wanted to talk to him about things like health care, family separations, and affordable housing.

Horan concluded her letter by noting that her region has "real problems," but that "Devin Nunes can only focus on threats to his own ego."

Horan isn't the only one speaking out. Earlier this week, another constituent wrote the Bee to slam Nunes for charging up to $2,700 to meet with carefully-screened supporters, instead of meeting with residents for free like he used to.

And on Tuesday, Nunes fled to his car when two of his constituents tried to talk to him at a local coffee shop.

Devin Nunes has been very successful at avoiding and attacking his constituents. But unfortunately for him, they will have the final say, and they are demanding more.