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Devin Nunes attacks San Francisco — then begs for cash in San Francisco

It’s both hypocritical and desperate.

By Tommy Christopher - October 16, 2018
Devin Nunes

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has spent weeks running ads smearing San Francisco, and attacking his opponent for holding fundraisers there.

But now that Democratic challenger Andrew Janz has destroyed Nunes’ fundraising total in the last quarter before the midterms, Nunes has resorted to begging for campaign dollars … in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Nunes sent a fundraising letter to conservatives in the Bay Area in which he asks “conservative patriots” to help him defeat “the left’s freakish coalition” of unions, environmentalists, and “other bizarre elements.”

But as Janz pointed out on Twitter, Nunes has been running ads for weeks attacking Janz as having “San Francisco’s values, not the Valley’s,” and mocking his supporters as being members of a “resistance party in San Francisco.”

“I wonder if Nunes’ unimpressive Q3 numbers have anything to do with this,” Janz wrote.

In the last quarter of fundraising before the midterms, Janz crushed Nunes’ total, raising $4.3 million compared to Nunes’ $3.1 million.

And a lot of that support is local. Janz actually receives a higher percentage of donations from within his own district than Nunes does, according to the most recent data.

It’s typical for Nunes to attack the values and culture of his fellow Californians.

At an invitation-only event last month, he slammed residents of his state for their “goofy” priorities, and called his own region the “land of fruits and nuts.”

The attacks have not helped Nunes on his home turf.

The hometown paper that endorsed him for 16 years, The Fresno Bee, has thrown its support behind Janz. And faith leaders in his community recently ripped Nunes for smearing them in a bizarre magazine-style campaign mailer.

Meanwhile, Nunes has refused to hold an open town hall meeting with constituents since 2010.

Instead, he’s spent his time going on television to lie about the Mueller investigation, accepting an award from a designated hate group, pushing for the release of documents that could harm national security, and plotting to oust Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Perhaps that explains why Nunes has so little to show for his district after 15 years in Congress.

When The Fresno Bee asked Nunes to list his accomplishments, he could only come up with two — one of which was supposedly raising awareness of his district’s water issues.

Devin Nunes can beg all he wants, but his constant attacks on California show he doesn’t deserve support from his own district, or San Francisco, or anywhere else.

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