CA Rep. Devin Nunes launches desperate fundraising pitch — in Virginia


With no accomplishments to speak of, Devin Nunes is touting his role as a doormat for Trump and begging East Coast donors to save him from voters in his own district.

Since Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) doesn't have any actual accomplishments to tout, he has now resorted to raising money off of his efforts to undermine the Russia probe — and telling people he's a hero for doing it.

Also listed among Nunes' accomplishments: pleasing Trump and sticking it to liberals.

In a fundraising letter obtained by HuffPost, Nunes says he is "standing strong" with Trump and asks that people donate money to help him "take the fight to the liberals" and "expose the real collusion between the Department of Justice, the F.B.I. and the Clinton campaign."

Touting his status as a partisan hack, Nunes tells potential donors that he has "earned the hatred of revenge-driven members of the Democratic leadership cabal and the Far Left media," but then immediately goes on to whine about the "onslaught of lies, propaganda, attacks, slurs and smears" he has faced.

In his plea for donations, Nunes says he needs the money to continue his fight against "liars, propagandists and hypocrites from the Far Left fringe."

Notably missing from the letter is any mention of Nunes doing anything to help his constituents in California — or anywhere else. In fact, based on the letter, it appears that Nunes has completely forgotten that he was sent to Congress to serve the voters in his district, not the guy in the White House.

Perhaps that's why Nunes is not making his fundraising appeal in his home district. Instead, he's trying to solicit money from donors in the wealthy suburbs of Washington, D.C. — the same place that Nunes calls a "swamp" when he's in public.

But in private, Nunes is apparently quite cozy with the creatures of the "swamp" — and he's more than happy to accept their money.

This should raise all sorts of red flags for his constituents back in California. If donors in northern Virginia are giving money to Nunes, it's reasonable to assume they're expecting something in return. And if Nunes is working to please his wealthy donors on the East Coast, he's obviously not looking out for the needs of his constituents on the other side of the country.

He wouldn't have to resort to fundraising in Virginia if he actually did his job back at home. But instead of standing up for issues that are important to California voters, Nunes got to Congress and promptly laid down as a doormat for Trump.

In his effort to shield Trump from scrutiny by undermining the Russia investigation, Nunes has made a fool of himself and a joke of the office he holds. His actions over the past year have corrupted the congressional oversight process, eroded trust in American institutions, discredited the House Intelligence Committee, and obstructed progress on issues that matter to voters.

Nunes has proven himself to be so untrustworthy that the FBI, DOJ, and national intelligence officials no longer trust him with confidential intelligence — making it impossible for him to carry out his role as head of the House intel committee.

Intelligence officials saw their fears realized this month when Nunes spearheaded an operation to expose the identity of a top-secret FBI informant, all because he believed it would help discredit the Russia investigation. Ignoring warnings from top national security officials, Nunes pushed forward with the reckless effort and proved that he's willing to sacrifice the safety of Americans if that's what it takes to earn the praise of Trump.

Nunes thinks he's a hero for doing that — he literally says so in the fundraising letter. And he makes it clear in his plea for money that if he's re-elected, he plans to continue his assault on democracy, truth, and basic decency.

It's no surprise that Nunes' seat in Congress is no longer considered 'safe' by election forecasters. But true to style, Nunes is blaming everyone but himself for his own failing campaign — and now, he's asking donors on the other side of the country to save him from voters in his own home district.