Devin Nunes disses his own state multiple times in secretive meeting


California Rep. Devin Nunes whines about 'the resistance' and other 'goofy' things residents in his state are doing.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) attacked residents of his state multiple times in a secretive meeting he held Tuesday.

Nunes has taken to holding invitation-only events, where participants were required to submit to a search, and to provide a raft of personal information before being given the location and time of the event, including the name of the person who invited them.

At the very beginning of Tuesday's meeting with hand-picked supporters, Nunes complained that "the resistance" makes it "such a pain now to go to these political events," which could help explain why Nunes has not held an open town hall with constituents since 2010.

He mocked his own state by telling the crowd that "I always say I'm from the land of fruits and nuts."

Nunes also lumped police, firefighters, and teachers in with "very, very wealthy people" in the state, who he says are "wiping out the middle class."

Nunes then insisted that “people will get tired of the plastic straw banning, and the boycotts of In-N-Out Burger, and all the other goofy things that they're doing here in this state."

But what Nunes calls "goofy" and a "pain" is also the will of California residents, as expressed by their elected representatives and grassroots activism. His comments show that not only is Nunes out of step with the people of his state, he's also contemptuous of them.

When Nunes isn't mocking his own constituents in front of carefully selected supporters, he spends his time going on television to lie about the Mueller investigation, accepting an award from a designated hate group, pushing for the release of documents that could harm national security, and campaigning for other candidates in far-flung locales.

But thanks to videos like this, Devin Nunes' constituents can see what he really thinks of them, even if he still refuses to say it to their faces in public.