Devin Nunes holds invitation-only event while dodging constituents


Nunes is avoiding his constituents —unless he can carefully select who he meets.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has not held an open town hall with constituents since 2010, but he's reportedly holding an invitation-only event this week for supporters who are willing to be searched at the door.

The Fresno Bee reports that supporters on Nunes' mailing lists were sent an online RSVP form for a private event this week, but only for those willing to meet several conditions.

A screenshot of the form notes that "All persons and property entering the facility are subject to search," and that “Photos with personal cell phones will not be allowed."

Applicants must first supply a raft of personal information before being given the location and time of the event, and the form even requires guests to specify who invited them. According to the Bee, these requirements have been in place for other recent Nunes events.

Democratic challenger Andrew Janz mocked Nunes' event on Twitter, writing that Nunes "doesn’t want the public to know what he’s saying at his secret society meetings."

Just last month, Nunes was caught on tape at another private event making several damning admissions while campaigning for a Republican from another state. In the leaked audio, Nunes said that Republicans are still plotting to impeach Rod Rosenstein and protect Trump from the Russia investigation.

Nunes has also recently found time to go on television to lie about the Mueller investigation, to accept an award from a designated hate group, to campaign for other candidates in far-flung locales, and to push for the release of documents that could harm national security. But he won't hold an open town hall for his constituents.

By contrast, Janz has been holding town halls and other constituent events regularly, without requiring an invitation or a frisking at the door. In fact, Janz even went on with a town hall in early August despite a social media threat of violence against the event.

Nunes may think his main job is to protect Trump, but it's difficult to see how he expects to keep that job if he won't even fulfill the basic test of meeting with his own voters.