Trump campaign very upset media won't report positive things about the pandemic


Trump campaign press secretary Hogan Gidley said coverage of the pandemic is 'exorbitantly negative.'

Hogan Gidley, the press secretary for the Trump campaign, complained Wednesday morning that the media coverage of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic is not positive enough.

"I think the president is being pretty clear there that the coverage of this virus has been exorbitantly negative, even when there are breakthroughs and good news," Gidley said during an appearance on CNN.


Gidley made the comment after anchor Alisyn Camerota asked why Donald Trump keeps complaining about the media's coverage of the coronavirus, and why Trump thinks negative coverage of the pandemic will end on Nov. 4 — the day after the election.

The media does report on breakthroughs and good news about the virus, including progress in vaccine development, advances in therapeutics to help people with COVID-19, and findings about how the virus is transmitted so that schools and businesses can find ways to open safely.

But none of that reporting can replace the fact that Trump has failed to manage the spread of the coronavirus, cases of which are rising at the fastest clip since the pandemic began earlier this year.

Hospitalization rates are also rising, with some hospitals in the Midwest running out of space to treat virus patients.

And hundreds of people continue to die each day of COVID-19, with the death toll in the United States now more than 226,000.

The virus and its uncontrollable spread are affecting Trump's reelection hopes, with polls continuing to show that voters disapprove of his handling of the pandemic.

Trump has complained in the final days of the race that the media is covering the virus too much. He has tried to get reporters to shift focus to debunked conspiracy theories he and his allies are pushing to try to damage Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden — an effort that has so far failed, with less than a week to go until Election Day.

Trump is so angry about coverage of the pandemic that he said earlier this week it should be illegal for the media to report on it at all.

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