Trump makes history — as first president never to reach 50% approval rating


Trump is the first president in 70 years of modern polling to never reach majority job approval while in office.

With one year to go until Election Day 2020, Donald Trump would lose to every one of the top Democratic presidential hopefuls by double-digit margins, according to a new ABC News-Washington Post poll published on Tuesday.

If the election were held today, Trump would lose to former Vice President Joe Biden by 17 points, lose to Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders by 17 points, lose to Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren by 15 points, and lose to both California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg by 11 points, the poll found.

And the poll didn't have much more good news for Trump from there.

Trump's approval rating is a dismal 38%, according to the poll, helping to make him the first American president in the history of modern polling, going back 70 years, to never have an approval rating of 50% or higher.

In fact, Trump has the lowest average approval of any president, according to the poll.

For example, according to historical data from Gallup:

  • Former President Barack Obama had a 49.1% average approval rating in his first term in office, with a high watermark of his approval standing at 69% in January 2009.
  • Former President George W. Bush had a 62.2% average approval rating in his first term in office, with 90% approval in September 2011, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
  • And former President Bill Clinton had a 49.6% average approval rating in his first term, with a high watermark of 73% approval in December 1998, ironically when House Republicans impeached him.

Unlike former President Bill Clinton, who Americans supported during the GOP-led impeachment process, a majority of Americans want to see Trump impeached and removed from office, according to the ABC News-Washington Post poll.

In fact, Trump's standing among the electorate is so bad that 30% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents want the GOP to nominate someone other than Trump for the 2020 race.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.