Trump is raising money off of Mick Mulvaney's quid pro quo admission


The Trump campaign's official shop is currently selling shirts emblazoned with the phrase, 'Get Over It.'

The Trump campaign is selling t-shirts quoting acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, who admitted this week that Trump had conditioned military aid to Ukraine on the country's willingness to investigate his political rival.

On Thursday, Mulvaney told reporters that Trump had demanded a quid pro quo from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, freezing security aid to pressure the country to look into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, as well as a long-debunked conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton's email server. Trump has repeatedly claimed there was no quid pro quo, and has insisted he only wanted Ukraine to tackle corruption in the country more broadly.

"We do that all the time," Mulvaney said, after reporters asked about Trump's requests during a White House press conference. "Did he also mention to me the corruption related to the DNC server? Absolutely. No question about it."

He added, "But that’s it. That’s why we held up the money … I have news for everybody: Get over it. There’s going to be political influence in foreign policy."

The White House was reportedly shocked by the admission and later attempted to walk back Mulvaney's comments. Mulvaney, too, tried to do damage control, issuing a statement saying "there was absolutely no quid pro quo between Ukrainian military aid and any investigation into the 2016 election."

On Friday, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee — the joint fundraising committee of Trump's re-election campaign team and the Republican National Committee — took things a step further, attempting to monetize Mulvaney's admission by selling t-shirts emblazoned with the words, "Get over it."

Get over it t-shirt for $30
Trump campaign shop screenshot

"America is ready for Congress to get back to work. No more WITCH HUNTS!" the site reads. "President Trump won in 2016 and he is going to win even bigger in 2020. GET OVER IT and get on with it!"

The shirt's $30 price tag — plus tax and shipping — goes straight into the Trump campaign's coffers.

Trump has long claimed that the current impeachment inquiry, the nearly two-year long Russia investigation, and the multiple other investigations into his personal businesses and finances are part of a broader attempt by Democrats and political rivals to undermine his presidency.

In more recent days he has suggested that congressional Democrats are staging a "coup" and has said the whistleblower who first flagged concerns about his call with Zelensky is a traitor who should be executed.

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