Trump campaign launches fake 'investigative' site just to mock Joe Biden


The website is the latest attempt by the Trump campaign to mock Biden's cognitive abilities.

Donald Trump's reelection campaign on Monday launched "Truth Over Facts," a website that seeks to mock presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The campaign is billing the website as "investigative."

A press release from Trump's campaign says the website "takes a closer look at Biden's words and phrasing and brings in 'experts' to discern if there is hidden meaning behind the muddled declarations that most normal people would miss."

Trump for months has been accusing Biden of mental decline.

In one of his last campaign rallies before the coronavirus canceled large gatherings, Trump claimed with no evidence that if Biden won in November, "They are going to put him in a home and other people are going to be running the country."

In an interview with conservative columnist Salena Zito published Thursday, he accused Biden of having "absolutely no idea what's happening."

"He doesn't know h'’s alive," Trump said of Biden.

Trump and his campaign has struggled to find a narrative to stick to Biden to ding his standing in the polls.

The gambit to force Ukraine into announcing an investigation into Biden flopped and instead led to Trump's impeachment. And the ugly accusations that Biden has dementia have also not impacted Biden's standing.

Currently, Biden not only has a national lead but also holds the edge in enough battleground states that would hand Biden an Electoral College victory were the election held today.

Multiple reports say Trump is worried about his standing — as the economy craters and deaths from the coronavirus approach 90,000.

And as that fear sets in, so do the absurd accusations against Biden.

Aside from baselessly attacking Biden for his cognitive abilities, Trump's campaign and his two adult sons are now accusing Biden of pedophilia — yet another absurd claim not rooted in any evidence.

Donald Trump Jr. first made the accusation in an Instagram post with a photo of Biden saying "see you later, alligator!" alongside a photo of an alligator saying, "In a while, pedophile."

"There's definitely way too many Creepy Joe videos out there!" Trump's eldest son captioned the image.

Trump's other adult son, Eric Trump, continued the accusation on Monday when he tweeted a poll that said, "would you trust Joe Biden to drive your child to school?"

He later deleted the tweet.

"President Trump, his White House advisors, and his campaign all have a strong stink of desperation around them," Geoff Garin, a top Democratic pollster, tweeted.

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