Trump campaign complains Biden is campaigning too much — and not enough


White House press secretary and Trump campaign adviser Kayleigh McEnany suggests Biden shouldn't be campaigning as voters go to the polls.

Donald Trump's campaign complained on Tuesday that the Biden/Harris campaign was campaigning both too much and not enough.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, appearing on Fox News in her legally questionable dual role as a Trump campaign adviser, predicted that Trump would win in "a landslide."

"They're in a pinch," she claimed. "It's why they're out on the campaign trail, even today as voters go to the polls."

Hours earlier, another Trump campaign spokesperson made the exact opposite argument. After months of mocking Joe Biden for limiting his traditional campaign appearances to avoid spreading the deadly coronavirus, campaign press secretary Hogan Gidley repeated the attack in an early morning tweet.

"Hey, anyone know if Joe Biden has called a 'lid' yet?" Gidley sarcastically asked at 7:42 a.m. Eastern, referencing a term used by political communications teams to indicate no more news is expected to be given out that day.

Gidley's ill-timed tweet came minutes after Biden paid a solemn visit to the grave site of his late son, Beau. Beau Biden died five years ago of brain cancer, at age 46.

As Biden traveled around the country throughout the 2020 campaign — wearing a mask and modeling social distancing — the Trump campaign taunted him for hiding in "his basement sanctuary" and for being careful.

Biden humorously responded on Saturday, tweeting out a picture of a large-but-socially-distant campaign event with the caption: "Who let all these people into my basement?"

Trump insisted on holding mass rallies with little social distancing or mask use, even after Trump became seriously ill with COVID-19 and required hospitalization.

Medical experts and data analyses have suggested Trump's rallies have been superspreader events for the virus, likely causing 30,000 cases and 700 deaths.

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