Dallas police confirm Trump lied about '30,000 people' outside his rally


Trump said '30,000 people' tried to attend his rally, but police say he was off by tens of thousands.

The Dallas Police Department has deflated Donald Trump's attempt to overstate the number of supporters who turned out to see him at his rally on Thursday night.

"And by the way, I have to say this. So outside they have close to 30,000 people. And I wonder if I could ask the fire marshal, fill up this little area, let 'em in. It would be so nice," Trump told his assembled fans.

But according to the police department, a lot less people were outside than Trump claimed.

"We didn't have 30,000 outside. Probably had upward of 5,000 outside," the department told CNN reporter Ashley Killough.

That is 25,000 fewer than Trump's over-the-top claim.


Trump has frequently made up stories about how many people turned out at his events.

In February, he claimed that "35,000 people" turned out for his rally in El Paso, Texas.

But the El Paso Fire Department deflated that exaggeration.

"Spokesman says coliseum holds 6,500 and that is how many were allowed in building," reported El Paso Times reporter Zahira Torres.

While Trump won Texas in 2016, the Dallas area voted for popular-vote winner Hillary Clinton by an overwhelming margin. Texas is one of the few states where Trump has a positive approval rating, but his support there has decreased 18 percentage points since he took office.

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