New polls show seniors abandoning Trump — and threatening his reelection


National polls show Joe Biden is crushing Trump among senior voters, the most reliable voting bloc.

A spate of new polls shows Donald Trump is losing ground with voters ages 65 and up, a slide that threatens to doom his reelection bid and make him the first person in nearly 30 years to be tossed out by voters after just one term.

On Tuesday, CNN released a poll showing Democratic nominee Joe Biden leading Trump by 16 points, a massive lead buoyed by voters over the age of 65.

Voters in that age group back Biden over Trump by a whopping 60% to 39% margin in CNN's poll. That's a massive shift from 2016, when voters 65 and older backed Trump by 7 points, according to exit polls.

CNN's poll shows Biden's largest lead to date.

However, other surveys have Biden leading big, with seniors over 65 — which data shows turn out at the highest rate of any age group — also choosing Biden over Trump.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released on Sunday found Biden leading with seniors by 27 points.

A Morning Consult national survey released on Monday found Biden leading by 9 points, with voters over 65 picking Biden by 8 points.

Statewide polling is showing similar trends of Biden trouncing Trump with seniors.

A WDIV/Detroit News poll released Monday of Michigan found Biden leading Trump in the state by 9 points. That poll found Biden leading with voters over 65 by a margin of 59% to 29%. That marks a 22-point shift since early September, according to the poll.

The shift in voters over 65 swinging toward the Democratic nominee comes as Trump has downplayed the coronavirus.

News broke in September that Trump knew the virus was deadly and contagious, yet publicly downplayed it.

And on Monday, Trump left Walter Reed despite still being infected with the virus. Upon his return to the White House, Trump removed his mask — risking the health and safety of those who work around him — and proclaimed that the country should not be "afraid" of deadly virus that has killed more than 210,000 Americans to date.

Seniors, for their part, are most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

According to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people over age 65 account for 153,032 of the 194,091 coronavirus deaths as of Sept. 30. That amounts to 79% of all coronavirus deaths.

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