Trump: I've been briefed on 'a lot of positive' coronavirus contingencies


Donald Trump has repeatedly downplayed concerns about the coronavirus and his administration's response to it.

From a March 10 media availability at the U.S. Capitol:

REPORTER: Have you been briefed that up to 100 million Americans could ultimately be exposed to the virus?


DONALD TRUMP: I've been briefed on every contingency you could possibly imagine. Many contingencies. A lot of positive. Different numbers, all different numbers. Very large numbers. And some small numbers, too, by the way.


Look, right now I guess we're at 26 deaths, and if you look at the flu – the flu – for this year, we're at 8 mill — we're looking at 8,000 deaths.


And you know, hundreds of thousands of cases, but we have 8,000 deaths. So you have 8,000 versus 26 deaths at this time.


With all of that being said, we're taking this unbelievably seriously, and I think we're doing a really good job.

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