Trump uses coronavirus press conference to complain about 'witch hunts' again


Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Thursday that Congress is launching a House Select Committee on the coronavirus.

From an April 2 press conference:

DONALD TRUMP: I want to remind everyone here in our nation's capital, especially in Congress, that this is not the time for politics, endless partisan investigations — here we go again.


I've already done extraordinary damage to our country in recent years. You see what happens, it's witch hunt after witch hunt after witch hunt, and in the end, the people doing the witch hunt have been losing, and they've been losing by a lot.


And it's not any time for witch hunts. It's time to get this enemy defeated. Conducting these partisan investigations in the middle of a pandemic is a really big waste of vital resources, time, attention — and we want to fight for American lives, not waste time and build up my poll numbers.


Because that's all they're doing, because everyone knows it's ridiculous.

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