Fact check: No, Trump has not won Pennsylvania. They are lying.


Donald Trump, his family, and his campaign are lying about Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, several members of the Trump campaign — including his son Eric, his press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, and his campaign's Twitter account — falsely declared on social media and on a call with reporters that Donald Trump has won Pennsylvania.

This is not true. The votes in Pennsylvania are still being counted, despite threats of multiple lawsuits from the Trump campaign to stop the voting. No outlet has called the Pennsylvania race because the votes are still being counted.

This is part of a cynical attempt by Trump and his campaign to stop all of the votes from being counted because they are worried that if all votes are counted, they will lose.

Trump threatened prior to the election that this would be his strategy. In the early hours of Wednesday morning, he falsely declared himself the winner of the election, even as Joe Biden was ahead in both the popular vote tally and in the electoral votes.

Trump has not won the election, and he has not won Pennsylvania.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.