Trump officially forces world leaders to use his hotel for next G-7 meeting


The White House announced next year's G-7 Summit will take place at Trump National Doral in Florida.

Donald Trump is once again using the Oval Office to enrich himself by choosing his hotel in Miami, Florida, as the location of the 2020 Group of Seven meeting, according to an announcement from the White House Thursday.

"We're going to announce today that we're going to do the 46th G-7 Summit on June 10 through June 12 at the Trump National Doral facility in Miami, Florida," chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said. He added the focus will be on global economic growth, which has slowed since Trump started a prolonged trade war with China.

Mulvaney confirmed that Trump himself suggested his own property for the annual gathering of world leaders.

Trump has been repeatedly criticized for using the Oval Office to enrich Trump-branded properties across the country and around the world. Trump still profits from his properties, since he never divested from them after taking office.

"This is a textbook case of unconstitutional conduct," Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), a constitutional law scholar and member of the House Judiciary Committee, said about the decision.

The attorneys general of Maryland and Washington, D.C., are engaged in a lawsuit claiming Trump is illegally profiting from foreign governments who frequent his properties. The U.S. Constitution forbids the president from accepting money from foreign governments, yet foreign governments routinely stay at Trump properties as a way to curry favor with Trump.

"If I become president, I couldn't care less about my company. It's peanuts," Trump said before he entered the Oval Office.

Now Trump is using his power to force world leaders and their staff to line his pockets.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.