Trump insists 'you get better' from virus despite 211,000 dead Americans


Hundreds of thousands of people have not gotten better.

Donald Trump called into Fox Business Thursday to declare that everyone who catches the coronavirus will recover, a blatant lie that comes as a slap in the face to the more than 211,000 people in the United States who have died from the virus to date.

"Remember this: When you catch it you get better, and then you're immune," Trump said in an interview with Fox host Maria Bartiromo. "As soon as everything goes away for me you're immune."

It goes without saying that not everyone who catches the virus will recover.

People with comorbidities — such as asthma, diabetes, obesity, immunodeficiencies, and even old age — have a higher risk of death if they contract the coronavirus.

And even those who recover can have long-running health problems.

Known as "long-haulers," some people who have had the virus continue to battle respiratory issues, gastrointestinal problems, extreme fatigue, and memory loss, among other symptoms, for months.

The coronavirus can also cause lasting heart damage even for people who had the virus but were asymptomatic.

People who have lost loved ones to the virus have been irate about Trump's dismissive attitude about its dangers, as well as Trump's suggestion that those who are strong enough will survive it.

Amanda Kloots — whose husband, Nick Cordero, died at the age of 41 from the virus — called Trump's attitude toward the virus "disgraceful."

"Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to spend two days in the hospital," Kloots said in an emotional series of videos on Instagram. "I cried next to my husband for 95 days watching what COVID did to the person I love. It IS something to be afraid of."

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