Trump claims support for impeachment is dropping. It isn't.


Trump remains unpopular in the polls.

On Monday, Donald Trump insisted that support for his impeachment is dropping.

"Support for Impeachment is dropping like a rock, down into the 20's in some Polls," Trump wrote early Monday morning. The day before he made a similarly incorrect claim, writing, "Polls have now turned very strongly against Impeachment, especially in swing states. 75% to 25%." Trump did not cite any data to back his claims, but he does have a long history of making up data.

In reality, polling has shown that support for Trump's impeachment has been steady. FiveThirtyEight's aggregate of impeachment support shows an average of 46.3% of voters backing the proceedings. Support has not significantly decreased since the House launched a formal impeachment inquiry after it was revealed that Trump sought information on Biden while aid to Ukraine was being held up.

"In recent months, he's apparently invented poll results out of whole cloth, completing the disconnection between poll data and significance. If the polls don't show the point you’re trying to make, the thinking seems to be, why not just make up the polls?" the Washington Post noted, reporting on his latest claim.

Trump's polling assertions come after a week of credible testimony from several nonpartisan witnesses about the details of the rogue foreign policy operation put in place by his administration to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump has been consistently unpopular in office. While other presidents of both parties began their tenures with majority support, Trump began his term with 44% approval. For contrast, his immediate predecessor, President Barack Obama, began his presidency with 61% approval.

Trump's first two years in office underperformed the last 72 years of presidents, despite his frequent claims that he and his policies have popular support.

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