Trump lawyer: 'God bless' Trump for acting for his own political gain


Trump impeachment lawyer Eric Herschmann called on Democrats to 'stop opposing him and harassing him.'


From the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump:

ERIC HERSCHMANN: A Gallup poll from just three days ago says that President Trump's upbeat view of the nation's economy, military strength, economic opportunity, and overall quality of life will likely resonate with Americans when he delivers the State of the Union address to Congress next week.


If all that is solely, solely in their words, for his personal and political gain, and not in the best interests of the American people, then I say, God bless him, keep doing it! Keep doing it, keep doing it!


Maybe if the House managers stop opposing him, and harassing him, and harassing everyone associated with him, with the constant letters and the constant investigations, maybe we can even get more done. Let's try something different now: Join us, join us, one nation, one nation, one people.


Enough is enough, stop all of this. Thank you.

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