Trump says he supports Iranians protesting for freedom — 1 hour after saying he didn't


Trump's reversal came via tweet.

Donald Trump walked back his declaration that the United States does not support protesters in Iran who are demonstrating against the current Iranian regime, reversing course after an hour to say that America does, in fact, back the protesters.

"The United States of America supports the brave people of Iran who are protesting for their FREEDOM," Trump tweeted. "We have under the Trump Administration, and always will!"

Just an hour earlier, during a gaggle with reporters in London at a NATO summit, Trump said that the United States does not support the protesters.

"I don't want to comment on that, but the answer is no," Trump said, commenting on the protesters after saying he wouldn't. "But I don't want to comment."

Unrest is sweeping across Iran, as working-class Iranians protest gas price increases from the current regime, the New York Times reported.

Hundreds of Iranians have died at the hands of Iranian security forces, who have opened fire on protesters.

The gas price increase comes as the country is fighting against punishing economic sanctions from the United States, which is using the sanctions to try to force Iran into renegotiating the Obama-era nuclear agreement that Trump pulled out of.

Experts did not agree with Trump's decision to blow up the nuclear deal, saying that abandoning the agreement would allow Iran to move closer toward obtaining nuclear weapons.

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