Donald Trump Jr. is liking tweets attacking teen shooting survivors


After telling his dad to hold firm on gun laws.

Terrified that the activism of the Parkland shooting survivors could put real pressure on the GOP alliance with the gun lobby, the far right is pushing a disgusting conspiracy theory that one of the kids, David Hogg, is a planted "political operative" who was "coached" to oppose Trump.

And this baseless attack is getting boosted by one big name in particular.

On Tuesday morning, Donald Trump Jr. was caught liking two tweets attacking the teen survivors: one promoting the original Gateway Pundit blog post, and another promoting the pro-Trump site One America News' speculation that Hogg is "running cover" for his father who is "an FBI agent at the Miami field office."

According to the Daily Beast, when Trump actively sought advice on how to move forward with guns while holed up at Mar-a-Lago for Presidents Day Weekend, his sons Don Jr. and Eric told him emphatically to hold firm and not give an inch on gun laws.

The fact that Trump has taken the input on a major public safety crisis from a family member who is endorsing a smear campaign against teenage shooting survivors is a new low.

But it is not a surprise. Trump's instinct from the start has largely been hostility to the survivors. Immediately after the shooting, Trump tweeted that the students were to blame for letting someone shoot up their school.

While the idea Hogg was coached by the FBI makes no sense, its endorsement by the son of the president of the United States helps give it staying power — and emboldens other public figures to attack the kids, as former congressman and CNN commentator Jack Kingston did this morning.

Despite all of the smears, Hogg is continuing to speak up, warning politicians not to accept money from the "child murderers" of the National Rifle Association.

Hogg and his classmates will not be silenced as they stand up for their right to safety and security. And anyone who tries to snuff their voice should bear the full force of public shame.