Don Jr. posts photoshopped image of Trump's approval rating


Apparently Trump isn't the only one obsessed with his historically low poll numbers.

Trump's son, Don Jr., got caught posting a photoshopped image of his dad's approval rating on Wednesday night, in what appears to be a failed attempt to make it look like Trump is more popular than President Obama.

The image, which shows Trump's job approval rating followed by a series of economic indicators, was clearly photoshopped to inflate Trump's dismal poll numbers.

Don Jr. posted the photo to his Instagram account on Wednesday and was quickly called out by social media users who noticed that Trump's real job approval rating of 40 percent is still clearly visible underneath the photostopped version, which shows his job approval 10 points higher, at 50 percent.

On Instagram, Don Jr. captioned the image with a comment that raises questions about whether he knew he was posting a deceptive graphic.

"Amazing. I guess there is a magic wand to make things happen and @realdonaldtrump seems to have it," he wrote, following up with two hashtags — one of which spelled the word "America" wrong.

Photoshop has a tool called the "Magic Wand" that allows users to select and edit specific parts of images, as was done with this photo.

While it could be it a coincidence, Don Jr.'s cheeky reference to a "magic wand to make things happen" right next to a photoshopped image seems to suggest that he may have been aware that the graphic was altered to artificially inflate Trump's job approval rating.

If that's the case, that would raise serious questions about why the president's son is engaged in intentional efforts to deceive the public, especially amid an onslaught of disinformation coming from Russia and targeting the American people.

Of course, it wouldn't exactly be a surprise to learn that Don Jr. had knowingly spread disinformation to help his dad's public image.

During the presidential campaign, Don Jr. was one of many Trump campaign aides and associates who posted content from a Twitter account operated out of Russia notorious "troll factory."

He also enthusiastically accepted an offer to receive "dirt" on Hillary Clinton from a Russian lawyer, which U.S. intelligence officials say was part of Russia's influence operation aimed at undermining the Clinton campaign through hacks and disinformation.

On top of that, Don Jr. also communicated with WikiLeaks, which was the primary vehicle for disseminating hacked documents during the campaign.

But regardless of whether or not Don Jr. knew what he was doing, the facts remain the same: Trump is the most unpopular president in the history of modern presidential polling, and President Obama's economic numbers are better than Trump's, as evidenced by the most recent jobs report.

Unfortunately for Don Jr., even a magic wand can't fix that.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.