Trump says 'with me, there is no lying' after lying 15,000 times in office


Trump has averaged roughly 15 false or misleading comments per day while he's been in office, according to the Washington Post.

Donald Trump on Wednesday sought to differentiate his impeachment with that of former President Bill Clinton, saying that Clinton was impeached for lying — something Trump claimed he doesn't do.

"There was a lot of lying going on. There were a lot of things — a lot of bad things," Trump said at a news conference from Davos, Switzerland, referencing Clinton. "Now, with me, there’s no lying. There’s no nothing.  They have nothing."

Trump's claim that he doesn't lie is a lie in and of itself.

In fact, Trump has become infamous for his lies and falsehoods.

He even told lies at the same news conference in which he claimed he doesn't lie.

For example, Trump said that Ukraine received the military aid that Trump was intentionally holding up on time.

"They got their money long before schedule," Trump said at the news conference. "They got all their money."

That claim is patently false.

Because of the Trump administration's hold on the military aid — which a nonpartisan congressional watchdog determined was illegal — Congress had to pass an extension to ensure that the country received all the aid it was promised.

Ultimately, Trump lies so much that news outlets have reporters dedicated to tracking his lies.

The Washington Post's fact-checkers counted 15,413 false or misleading comments from Trump as of Dec. 16. (News outlets such as the Washington Post hesitate to use the word "lie" because they claim they cannot know whether Trump knows what he's saying is false.)

And the Washington Post said that Trump's false or misleading statement count skyrocketed in 2019 because of impeachment itself.

"The president apparently believes he can weather an impeachment trial through sheer repetition of easily disproven falsehoods," the Washington Post wrote in its review of Trump's falsehoods from 2019.

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