Donald Trump spent his summer vacation lying through his teeth


Trump may be on vacation, but his unrelenting obsession with spreading lies never takes a break.

During his time in office, Trump avoids the truth with a zeal reminiscent of a younger Trump dodging the draft. Even during his summer vacation, Trump told an astounding 84 lies in a single week, according to a Wednesday CNN report.

Trump's "most egregious false claim" was a bizarre accusation that Google manipulated the 2016 election, handing up to 16 million votes to Hillary Clinton. The lie, based on a faulty study promoted by one of the White House's favorite propaganda arms, Fox News, prompted Trump to demand Google be sued.

Ever since Trump lost the popular vote in 2016, he has spouted wild and unfounded conspiracy theories to account for his unpopularity. And the lie about Google was just one of the lies he told last week about the 2016 election.

On Aug. 18, Trump once again claimed massive voter fraud in California. "You had people that were well over 100 years old that were voting, but we know they're not around any longer. So you have a lot of voter fraud," Trump claimed without any evidence.

In the past, Trump made the ludicrous and unfounded claim that many people cast their vote, then go to their car and put on a disguise, and then go vote again. His lies are so outrageous that the head of the Federal Election Commission called them "damaging to our democracy."

Just in the last week, Trump lied about topics ranging from air quality, the unemployment rate, wage growth, the damage his trade war with China is inflicting, the war in Afghanistan, and even the crowd size of a New Hampshire rally.

No topic seems too small for Trump to lie about.

According to CNN, Trump lied about topics as insignificant as the time of day. In a Tuesday speech, Trump said, "That's a lot of people back there for a — like an 11 o'clock speech. That's a lot of people." The comment came at 2:40 p.m., for a speech scheduled for 2:10 p.m.

In total, Trump has told more than 12,000 lies since he entered the Oval Office, according to a count by the Washington Post.

CNN noted that 84 lies in a week were not even close to a record for Trump. Before the 2018 midterm election, Trump spouted 240 lies in a single week.

Trump may be on vacation, but his ceaseless lying never ever takes a break.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.