Trump's back to endangering Michigan's governor after plot to kidnap her


After a call to 'liberate Michigan,' Trump is now calling Gov. Whitmer a 'dictator.'

In an interview with Fox Business on Thursday, Donald Trump continued his attacks on Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, just days after extremists were arrested in a foiled plot to kidnap her.

"She wants to be a dictator in Michigan. And the people can't stand her," Trump told Stuart Varney in his self-titled show "Varney & Co."

Trump was criticizing the Michigan governor for her reluctance to "open up the state."

Last week, six men were charged in a violent plot to overthrow and abduct Whitmer.

Right-wing groups have been highly critical of Whitmer for implementing safety requirements to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Trump repeatedly cheered them on, undermining her and her safety protocols.

"LIBERATE MICHIGAN!" Trump tweeted in April.

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