Donald Trump might make women the majority in Congress


It turns out that the election of an unapologetic misogynist just might have an impact on women running for office in the United States. A lot of women.

Call it the Trump Effect.

We've reported before that there has been a large uptick in women attending training to run for elected office.

But the latest news from EMILY's List, which trains and funds pro-choice Democratic women, shows that even they weren't totally prepared for the increasing flood of women, fed up with the dominance white men in elected office, wanting to get involved in politics.

While Donald Trump is begging Mexico to pay for his racist border wall, EMILY's List is tearing them down to create more space for three dozen new staffers who will work with the upwards of 16,000 women who have contacted the organization since Trump was elected.

Remember, in 1992, after Anita Hill was humiliated by the old white men in the Senate Judiciary Committee, America elected more women than ever before. To this day, 1992 is called "The Year of the Woman."

EMILY's List vice president Mũthoni Wambu Kraal is shepherding these sheros through campaign boot camp, preparing them for every aspect of running for office.  Because not every training can be done in person, they are also currently developing a way to conduct the training via webinar, which will go a long way to making sure the future of Congress looks more like the current makeup of the American population where women outnumber men.

Meaning we may soon see the day when representation of women in Congress mirrors that in real life.

Is 2018 going to be The Year of the Woman, part deux? If the first half of 2017 is any indication, it's looking more and more likely.