Trump falsely claims Pelosi committed a crime by ripping up his speech


Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she tore apart Trump's State of the Union speech because 'it was a manifesto of mistruth.'

From a Feb. 7 appearance on the White House lawn:

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I thought it was a terrible thing when she ripped up the speech. First of all it's an official document, you're not allowed, it's illegal what she did. She broke the law.


But I haven't been asked a question other than a lot of people that viewed it, they couldn't believe that she did it. I thought it was terrible, I thought it was very disrespectful to the chamber and to the country.

Trump then argued that his impeachment should be "expunged" by Congress, which is not a process available in U.S. law. Trump will remain the third president impeached in American history no matter which party controls Congress.

Trump also told reporters that votes from the Iowa caucuses were "fried," adding, "I think they fried their votes on computer."

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.