Trump's latest Pennsylvania lawsuit asks judge to just declare Trump the winner


A new complaint asks a judge to throw out 1.5 million votes based on a lie that Trump observers were not allowed to witness ballot counting.

The Trump campaign on Wednesday amended its lawsuit in Pennsylvania yet again, this time asking a judge to simply toss out 1.5 million votes in the state and declare Donald Trump the winner — adding back in the lie that Trump campaign observers were not allowed to witness ballot counting, and thus all of the ballots should be thrown out.

"Upon information and belief, a substantial portion of the approximately 1.5 million absentee and mail votes in Defendant Counties should not have been counted, and the vast majority favored Biden, thus resulting in returns indicating Biden won Pennsylvania," the campaign wrote in its amended lawsuit.

The claim is a lie, as observers were allowed in to witness ballot counting in the state. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court said as much in a 5-2 ruling on Tuesday.

The Trump campaign had removed the lie from its lawsuit on Sunday, but added it back on Wednesday after Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani took over the campaign's pursuit in court to overturn his landslide loss to President-elect Joe Biden.

So far, the effort by the Trump campaign and other GOP allies working to overturn the will of the voters has been an abject failure, with judges dismissing cases for lack of evidence all across the country. The Trump campaign itself has willingly dismissed its own lawsuits because it cannot provide evidence for its fraud claims.

Additionally on Wednesday, the Trump campaign filed a separate lawsuit in federal court that also demanded a judge throw out 1.5 million ballots in Pennsylvania and declare Trump the winner.

The lawsuit asks that a judge give the campaign access to inspect the envelopes of the 1.5 million mail-in ballots it claims without evidence were "illegally counted."

"This simple exercise will determine whether Plaintiffs can prove their case – that sufficient illegal ballots were counted that changed the result of the election," the lawsuit states. "If so, the Court should set aside these votes and declare Trump the winner."

Even if the campaign is successful in either lawsuit — which legal experts have laughed off as a joke and mocked Giuliani's performance in federal court on Tuesday — overturning the results in Pennsylvania would not change the outcome of the election.

Biden won 306 Electoral College votes — a margin Trump himself called a "landslide" back in 2016. Subtracting Pennsylvania's 20 Electoral College votes would still leave Biden with 286 Electoral College votes — more than the 270 needed to win.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.