Pro-Trump media outlet finds Biden winning key states by double digits


Right-wing media outlets are commissioning polls that end up showing Trump trailing Biden.

A poll commissioned by a pro-Trump website found the presumptive Democratic nominee for president in 2020, Joe Biden, leading Donald Trump by double digits in the critical swing states of Michigan and Florida, providing more evidence that Trump's reelection campaign is in trouble.

The poll, commissioned by the right-wing website American Greatness and conducted between June 9 and 12, found Biden up by 13 points in Michigan and 10 points in Florida. Without those states, Trump has almost no path to reelection, even if he carries all of the other states he won in 2016.

American Greatness is considered a fringe outlet even by such conservative websites as the Washington Examiner, which compared it unfavorably to the extremist Daily Stormer, saying the "trash organization" isn't as honest as the Daily Stormer about its "neo-Nazi intentions."

Trump has complained about polls that show him losing. His campaign has rejected reputable high-quality polls showing Trump losing to Biden, going as far as to demand CNN retract a national survey that found Biden up by 14 points.

But even conservative outlets friendly to Trump haven't been able to spin the numbers in his favor, with the poll of adults in the two swing states conducted by TIPP for American Greatness the latest from a pro-Trump outlet that found him trailing Biden.

After the CNN poll was released last week, Robert Herring, the CEO of the media company One America News, which runs baseless conspiracy theories in support of Trump, tweeted that his outlet would release a competing poll he said would "be in favor" of Trump.

When OAN finally ran the results of the poll days later, they showed Trump and Biden tied in Florida, a state Trump carried by 1.2% in 2016. OAN later deleted the poll from its website.

On Monday, a poll commissioned by pro-Trump reporter John Solomon's website Just The News found Biden leading Trump by 12 points nationally. Solomon, who has pushed anti-Biden conspiracy theories about Ukraine, commissioned Scott Rasmussen to conduct the poll. Trump often cites polls in his favor conducted by the firm Rasmussen Reports; Rasmussen launched that firm but left it in 2003.

"There is no way to describe these numbers as anything but bad news for President Trump," Scott Rasmussen told Just The News. "If the election were held today, he would lose … and lose badly. The Republican majority in the Senate would certainly be at risk as well."

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.