Trump attacks Roger Stone jury for 19 minutes straight at event for prisoners


Trump is reportedly considering pardoning Roger Stone.

Donald Trump used the first 19 minutes of his remarks Thursday at a ceremony for Hope for Prisoners, a program for former inmates, to fume about the jury in the Roger Stone criminal trial and other related complaints.

Stone, a longtime Trump ally and former campaign adviser, was convicted and sentenced today to 40 months in prison for witness tampering and lying to Congress.

Trump and his allies have already been signaling that Trump plans to pardon Stone.

Trump opened his remarks with an attack on the forewoman in the Stone case and continued to go on about the case for the next 19 minutes.

Admitting "I don't know if this is a fact," Trump said the forewoman "was an anti-Trump person totally," said she had a "horrible social media account," and that she is "a strong woman, a very dominant person so she can get people to do whatever she wants."

Trump claimed these allegations could constitute a "defrauding of the court" and "undermine our fair system of justice," necessitating a pardon for Stone.

The attack on the jury's verdict and the sentence from the judge came just a day after Trump tweeted an attack on Democrats as being the party of "high crime."

Trump also hailed himself as America's "chief law enforcement officer" after he pardoned several high-profile figures, including corrupt former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, a Democrat.

Trump also used the remarks to attack former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, inaccurately accusing her of having "leaked more classified documents than any human being in the history of the United States of America."

It has been four years since the 2016 election, where Clinton received nearly 3 million more votes than Trump. But he has repeatedly attacked her and invoked her name at completely unrelated events.

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