Trump refuses to pay Giuliani's legal fees after plot to steal election fails


Trump is blaming his personal attorney for his failed attempt to overturn the election and told aides not to pay Giuliani's exorbitant legal fees, the Washington Post reported.

Rudy Giuliani debased himself in federal court trying to overturn Donald Trump's loss to President-elect Joe Biden and followed Trump's lead in helping to incite a riot at the U.S. Capitol last week. For his actions, he now faces expulsion from the New York State Bar Association

Yet rather than reward Giuliani for his loyalty, Trump is stiffing his longtime friend and political ally, refusing to pay the $20,000-per-day legal fees Giuliani was charging during the now-failed attempt to overturn the election, the Washington Post reported Wednesday night.

According to the report, Trump did not like Giuliani's legal work and "did not appreciate" the exorbitant daily rate Giuliani was charging.

Giuliani was the face of the effort to try to get courts and state legislatures across the country to overturn Trump's landslide loss to Biden.

He held a now-infamous news conference at the Republican National Committee's headquarters on Nov. 19 of last year, where he tried to explain the campaign's legal efforts as sweat and brown goop ran down his face.

Giuliani then made his first federal court appearance since 1992, at which he was unable to answer simple questions from the judge presiding over the case, showing a stunning lack of understanding of basic legal principles. The federal judge even had to explain grade-level vocabulary words to Giuliani like "opacity."

Giuliani also held sham hearings with Republican state lawmakers across the country in hotel ballrooms, in which he sought to convince GOP-controlled legislatures to simply ignore their state's election results to install pro-Trump Electoral College electors to steal the election.

Those hearings also failed. In fact, the state of Arizona certified Biden's Electoral College victory as Giuliani held one of the sham hearings in the state.

Finally, Giuliani then went to the rally outside of the White House on Jan. 6, where he, too, used violent rhetoric that helped incite the pro-Trump mob that ransacked the Capitol, leaving a Capitol Police officer dead.

"Let's have a trial by combat," Giuliani said at the rally, adding, "This election was stolen in seven states. They picked states where they had crooked Democratic cities and they could push everybody around, and it has to be vindicated to save our republic. This is bigger than Donald Trump. It's bigger than you and me."

Giuliani's role in inciting insurrection led the New York State Bar Association to announce it is investigating whether Giuliani should be removed from the organization.

Giuliani wouldn't be the first person Trump stiffed.

Trump has a long history of not paying people who completed work for him — in some cases causing financial ruin for those he refused to compensate.

Not paying his bills is part of how Trump got rich in the first place.

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