Limbaugh: Trump said to 'never apologize' for my homophobic attacks


Donald Trump gave the Medal of Freedom to the anti-LGBTQ, sexist, racist talk show host during his State of the Union address earlier this month.

Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show on Monday that he received a call from Donald Trump urging him not to apologize for the homophobic attack Limbaugh made against former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg last week. Limbaugh had mocked the openly gay Democratic presidential hopeful for kissing his husband in public.

"Hell, the president even called me about this!" Limbaugh said. "He said, 'Rush, I just gotta tell you something. Never apologize. Don’t ever apologize.'"

Limbaugh attempted to minimize the media firestorm over his comments. "I didn't lecture Mayor Pete on anything. I didn't say anything anti-gay. I didn't even offer an opinion of my own," he argued.

Limbaugh even claimed Buttigieg was only a contender in the 2020 race because of his own praise.

"I’m the reason Mayor Pete’s on the map! I’m the guy, after a CNN town hall at South by Southwest in 2019," he bragged. "I’m the guy that came in here and told you all, 'Be on the lookout for Mayor Pete.'"

The Trump administration did not immediately respond to an inquiry about the veracity of Limbaugh's claim.

Trump gave Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom during his State of the Union address earlier this month. Days later, Limbaugh attacked one of Trump's possible 2020 reelection opponents.

"So [Buttigieg] says Trump causes problems for parents, what about that? If you're not watching on the DittoCam, what it is, a picture of Mayor Pete kissing his husband — which he does frequently," Limbaugh complained. "A gay guy, 37 years old, loves kissing his husband on debate stages. Can you see Trump have fun with that?"

Several of Trump's allies have attacked Buttigieg in recent days for his sexual orientation. Trump said in a radio interview last week that he would not have a problem voting for a gay presidential candidate, but he has thus far not denounced the anti-LGBTQ attacks on Buttigieg.

"I'm proud of my marriage. And I'm proud of my husband," Buttigieg responded on Sunday. "And I am saddened for what the Republican Party has become if they embrace that kind of homophobic rhetoric."

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